Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Beginning

This is a first for me in a lot of ways. I’m not the kind of person who is good at keeping up with personal projects, especially those involving chronicling my experiences. Somehow I always feel like something gets lost in the telling. With any luck, though, this will be different.

I have to admit that two weeks ago I would have not thought that I could be at all interested in blogging. It wasn’t until I started reading a few choice food blogs in search of new recipes that I realized what I was missing. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, and while I love my cookbooks, they aren’t very dynamic. With the leaps and bounds in point and shoot camera quality, and of course the fact that the web is mostly free, making a half decent post or illustrated recipe is very possible.

As the title implies, these are experiments. I tend to think that everything I make ends up being a little experiment. Having still less than 5 years spent in the industry, its really hard for me to say that I'm an authority on anything.

My goal with this blog is to post weekly about a dessert from the restaurant. Hopefully it will include some of my process and brainstorming, along with background information and recipes. I haven’t decided whether I will post all recipes required to make the whole plate, or just a few components. I’m always tweaking my recipes, and I feel that once something is published, its much harder to edit and revise, so I think that I will most likely only post recipes that I am very satisfied with.

I think that’s all for now. There will be more posts on my methods for measuring and finding ingredients and such, but those are for another time. Soon I will actually have a real recipe to share with you all, but until then, thanks for reading!

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  1. David I will be very interested in seeing some of the stuff you put up on your blog. I love to have good desserts but suck at making them so I will be interested to try some stuff from someone who actually knows a thing or two.